Hong kong-zhuhai-macao license plate

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Miss zhang13510761035/Miss li13428953261

Guangdong and Hong Kong

Guangdong and Hong Kong said both sign on the license plate,Also said:The license of both Hong Kong SAR and guangdong、License plate between Hong Kong and the mainland、Guangdong and Hong Kong through license plate、Deep port plate,As token of both Hong Kong SAR and guangdong,The license plate is hung with Hong Kong(General car license plate is the white background and black text,The rear license plate is black on yellow background)The Hong Kong entry vehicles made by the guangdong provincial public security CheGuan for guangdong and Hong Kong direct licence(The cantoneseZLicence,Black white),Hang the cantoneseZBlack brand of car license plate can directly between guangdong and Hong Kong,Have a passenger、Freight、Private cars,Here we are told by turning plate generally refers to guangdong private car license plate, ...


ICPCertificate is a variety of value-added telecommunications business license,The whole is called:Internet information services business license。
Information service websites need to apply forICPLicense.

Company registration

1、Enterprises set up in front of the feasibility study and design ;

2、The enterprises set up in front of the relevant formalities for examination and approval and business licenses;

3、Subsequent license extension、Alteration and cancellation;

4、According to the customer need to transform the enterprise organization form and nature。

Foreign company registration

1、Registration of establishment of enterprises with foreign investment

2、Foreign investment enterprises set up registration process

3、Foreign investment co., LTD. Set up registration

4、Foreign countries(Region)Enterprises set up a resident representative office registration

  • Guangdong and Hong Kong through train
  • ICPCard is dealt with
  • Company registration
  • Foreign company registration

The main business MAIN BUSINESS

The company transfer

  • The name of the company
  • The company size
  • The presence of basic door
  • Presence of invoice
Shenzhen cityXXXXCulture communication co., LTDAverage taxpayerThere are basic units25Copy of the invoice
Shenzhen sea beforeXXXIndustrial chain financial services service co., LTDSmall scaleThere are basic units
Shenzhen cityXXElectronics co., LTDAverage taxpayerThere are basic units100Copy of the invoice
Shenzhen cityXXAdvertising co., LTDSmall scaleThere are basic units

Special zone

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    Shenzhen ZhiCheng enterprise management planning co., LTDIs the guangdong ZhiCheng mainly by members of the enterprise group,Headquarters is located in the south side of dongguan。In shenzhen、Dongguan humen、A subsidiary company in dongguan changan。Formally established2009Years,Is approved by the shenzhen market supervision and administration of specialized enterprise consultants。As proxy service industry enterprise,With our professional、Personalized service in shenzhen、Dongguan、Provide for industry and commerce trademark protection and Hong Kong enterprises、The fiscal and taxation affairs one-stop solution。Guangdong and Hong Kong through license plate、ICPThe more business covers the whole of guangdong province!ZhiCheng enterprise power“The public business,Among the innovation””!

    Company consists of experienced professional team,Contains the department:Enterprises with foreign investment service、Guangdong and Hong Kong direct registration department、Accounting supervision、Industrial and commercial tax、Customer service department、Market research。A clear division of responsibilities of the department、Sincere cooperation,Ensure to provide customers with the highest quality、The most efficient service。We service clients involved in processing and manufacturing、Commercial procurement、Research and development、Electronic science and technology、The service broker、The real estate、The electronic commerce, and many other fields。“Good faith service、Professional services”Is our consistent aim,Thousands of selection and recognition of customers is our continuous progress and improve!